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  Birth Marr. Death Spouse Contact >> Family (coat of arms) Branch UFI
A CAMPO Anne Laetitia WILTSHIRE D. ROC0017 Detail A CAMPO
A CAMPO Anne-Jeanne 1641 1695 MOFFARTS G. TER1037 Detail A CAMPO ACAANN1641B1
A CAMPO Emile Hubert BRULEZ A. ROC0017 Detail A CAMPO
A CAMPO Francesca Romana   ROC0017 Detail A CAMPO
A CAMPO Lydia Emilia   ROC0017 Detail A CAMPO
A PIOI M.   BRO0650 Detail A PIOI APIMAU1921B1
A'WENG F. 1920 1961   CHI9423 Detail A'WENG AWEFRA1920B0
A'WENG F.   CHI9423 Detail A'WENG AWEFRA1961B0
A'WENG Jean 1886 1916 1947 BUYER-MIMEURE A. CHI9423 Detail A'WENG AWEJEA1886B0
A'WENG J.   capedia Detail A'WENG AWEJEA1999B0
AA Guidolphe van der KEMPS C. PER1310 Detail AA
AA Jean van der (dit de Bruges) 1330 1365 1415 LOOZ I. COR0125 Notice AA AAXJEA1330B0
AA Jeanne van der (dite de Gruuthuse) 1369 1374 1421 BOUTERSHEM (alias BAUTERSEM) H. COR0125 Detail AA AAXJEA1369B1
AA Liutgarde van der (dit van Gruuthuyse) HEEDE J. PER1310 Detail AA
AA Louis Léon van der (dit van Gruuthuyse) CORTSCHOOFD L. PER1310 Detail AA
AA de RANDERODE Aleidis van der 1210 1235 1265 CUYCK H. PHI1117 Detail AA de RANDERODE AADALE1210B1
AA de RANDERODE Johanna van der 1435 1454 1493 MERODE G. PHI1117 Detail AA de RANDERODE AADJOH1435B1
AA de RANDERODE Joséphine van der 1804 1830 1866 BOIS H. WAS0915 Detail AA de RANDERODE AADJOS1804B1
AARBERG Agnès d' 1302 1320 1345 TIERSTEIN W. ROM0241 Detail AARBERG AARAGN1302B1

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